Who handles payment processing?

Squarespace uses Stripe to handle payment processing.

Do you charge VAT, GST, or sales tax?

I do not charge VAT or GST. If you live outside the US it is up to you to pay any necessary customs fees or charges. Less costly items may not be levied anything. Your government custom's site will have more details if you do not know.

If you live in the state of Washington, I do charge taxes as required by the state. I do not collect taxes for other states, due to the lack of sufficient physical presence outside of Washington. Those outside Washington need to check with their state to determine if they owe a use tax and how to pay it.

What are add-on products?

These are products only purchasable along with at least one product that is not an add-on. They are usually silly to ship alone or impractical to receive payment for due to being small and/or very inexpensive.

How long does order processing usually take?

Orders for key fobs and other pre-made products are usually shipped out within 7 to 10 days. Other items such as a custom badge will typically take much longer as custom items cannot be stocked. Putting both kinds in the same order will delay the entire order.

Does placing an item in my cart reserve it?

No. Products cannot currently be reserved through this store. If you wait a long time before returning to your cart, products that were in it could be sold out. On return, Squarespace will automatically remove sold out products from your cart. This behavior cannot currently be changed.

Do I really have to give you my phone number to check out?

No. It is currently only used on customs forms for international packages. It is merely a field automatically added by Squarespace to the checkout form. This store will not use it to call you nor will it be given away.

Can you ship to Packstations and P.O. boxes?

Yes, but take care not to order something too large to be received at such locations.

There's something wrong with the store ...

Not technically a question, but if for some reason the store is not working correctly or you would like to report some other store-related issue please send all relevant information to Art McBain.